The first day of Autumn

Pondering… The first day of Autumn Molly Carlile Today is the first day of autumn, it's sunny and warm, but I can feel the gloom around the corner... winter is sneaking into my mind. Even though it's three months away, I'm already starting to dread it. The dark skies, the wind, the frost on the grass, the tips [...]

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What is 24/7 disaster coverage doing to our kids?

As you all know I'm a great believer in being honest and upfront with our kids and young people in all things. I firmly believe that this is the basis on which we build trust relationships, so that when life gets difficult our young people have confidence in talking to us about what‟s bothering them, knowing that we'll [...]

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Why are people so unkind?

Australian singer Kamahl was famously attributed with posing this question years ago and though he has consistently said it was taken out of context, I think it a question worth pondering. As a global community, it seems to me that we value the „lofty‟ virtues, courage, generosity, bravery, justice, self control, altruism, fortitude, morality, loyalty [...]

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Festive Wishes!

Well finally it's Christmas Eve. So as you race around shopping for those last minute items, don't forget to stop and think about WHY you're doing this. This is the one time of the year for us to STOP, reflect, relax and be grateful for all of the blessings we've received throughout the year. The [...]

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Pondering Christmas, Holidays and the “Empty Chair”.

As the countdown starts to Christmas, the end of the year and hopefully a few days off, we seem to be bombarded with distractions. In Australia we've endured a long drawnout federal election process that seemed to take forever to resolve. In Victoria, we've   just had a state election, and again, no clear result, [...]

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