Molly Carlile AM is the Deathtalker.

If death freaks you out, Molly can help.

Molly Carlile AM is a multi-award winning death and grief specialist, palliative care activist, author and international speaker.

Molly has extensive academic qualifications in health, end of life care, counselling, education, and healthcare management and over 20 years of experience in the field. Known as the Deathtalker®, she supports people to become informed about death and grief in order to live life to the full.

Molly is National Ambassador for Dying to Know Day.


Recent Tweets


3 July 2018
Wheeler Centre Take Charge: Autonomy in Older Age

4 June 2018
Wheeler Centre Dead Calm: Grief. Listen to the audio file if you missed the event.

5 January 2017
Melbourne’s JOY FM talks to The Marvellous Molly Carlile about her recent book, life, death and everything in between.

26 November
Talking to Dave Wood on 106.5 FM about death, grief and palliative care.

27 November 2016
Sunday Extra on Radio National, talking to Tom Switzer about the importance of community death literacy and building communities of support for dying and grieving people.

13 October 2016
The Huffington Post reports on Molly Carlile’s work as the Deathtalker: “Australia Really Needs To Learn To Talk About Death.”

12 October 2016
From Radio NZ, Jesse Mulligan interviews Molly Carlile: “Far too often, we wait until death is stalking before start talking.”

10 October 2016
Radio National’s Patricia Karvelas interviews Molly Carlile in The Drawing Room about her latest book, The Deathtalker.

New Book Released

deathtalkerbook“The Death Talker” is in all good bookstores (and available online) NOW. Full of info, stories and common sense tips on everything to do with mortality, from having conversations with your kids to managing your digital legacy, from how to be informed and take back control of your life to choices about funerals and questions to ask your doctor. This book is a must read for everyone about the one thing we will all experience in our lives and yet we often put off thinking about…..death.”

This book is the culmination of over twenty-five years working with real people, answering questions and listening to their stories as they face their mortality. I hope everyone who reads it will come away informed and empowered to make choices based on the ‘stuff that matters’ to them and the people they love.” Molly

What do you do when the person you love dies? How do you deal with the practical whilst coping with the emotional? People face this scenario again and again, having never really meaningfully discussed it in their ‘healthy’ years, when death and dying seemed so abstract and remote. Yet all the evidence tells us, the more emotionally intelligent we are across the life-course, the more we are likely to deal with the big traumatic events. Molly Carlile tackles this subject head-on, through a narrative that illuminates both the practical issues that surround death – but more importantly – the emotional. Her work offers us a gentle introduction to seemingly impossible decisions, and as such, is a crucial read before preparing an advanced directive and making that informed decision, that rounds off a life well lived. Accessible and warm, she writes in a style that compels us to have the most important conversations around how we live and die, before it’s too late.
Clive Parkinson, Director of Arts for Health UK, Reader - Arts, Health & Social Justice, Manchester Metropolitan University

Molly Carlile AM

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Molly Carlile is a very inspirational speaker who has an amazing capacity to engage people from diverse backgrounds, motivate them to think deeply about death and dying and to recognise it as important part of life. She is not only a great key note speaker but also very skilled in facilitating and bringing together diverse views by focusing on what really matters.
Rosemarie Speidel, Active Ageing Advisory Group Member, City of Yarra
Molly is an exceptional speaker who manages to connect with audiences even when discussing difficult topics.
Cancer Nurses Association
Molly is an acknowledged expert in palliative care with a deep and inspiring passion for excellence in care of patients and families, using not only the best of medical and nursing knowledge, but also tapping into the added dimension offered by the arts.
John Haberecht, President of Palliative Care Nurses Australia Inc.
Molly is an outstanding communicator, facilitator and presenter. She is passionate, engaging, funny, articulate and intelligent.
Odette Waanders, CEO, Palliative Care Victoria
Molly is a leading figure in palliative care in Australia and internationally. She is a strong advocate for the use of the arts in healthcare and health promotion.
Margret Meagher, Executive Director at Arts and Health Australia
Molly has abundant energy and drive. Her innovative outlook and comprehensive management style is infectious, allowing her to effectively engage stakeholders and consistently achieve positive outcomes.
Shane Crowe, Senior Project Coordinator, Nursing Workforce Innovation at Department of Health Victoria
Molly has the skill of being able to entertain and educate in a way that is memorable and relevant to the audience’s experiences. She used metaphors to illustrate concepts and creatively fired the audience’s imagination. I would have no hesitation in recommending Molly as a speaker at any public function.
Dr Anna Petterson Manager, Research & Education SolarisCare, Perth Western Australia

What’s On

You can catch Molly speaking at the following events.

July 2018: Wheeler Centre Take Charge: Autonomy in Older Age

June 2018: Wheeler Centre Dead Calm: Grief. Listen to the audio file if you missed the event.