Recent Appearances of the Molly Carlile AM, the Deathtalker®

Afterlife Explorers Conference 2016

Waking Mad sits down with “The Deathtalker”® to explore dying and death. Molly explains that particularly in the west, we need to be far more upfront and open about death by having conversations we tend to avoid. She clarifies that by doing so, we actually reassure and empower dying people and provide relief for their loved ones. Death does not have to be taboo or a denial state – it can actually be useful for living life well. Watch this awesome video to find out more.

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, August 2015

Charlie discusses the end with The Deathtalker Molly Carlile AM.

Palliative Care Forum – ABC Radio National

Peter Mares hosts a forum on palliative care with Bruce Rumbold; Director of the Palliative Care Unit at La Trobe University; Molly Carlile who’s a specialist in Palliative Care Nursing, Counselling and Education, the Manager of Palliative Care Services at Austin Health; and also Kim McCarthey, palliative care patient; her partner and carer, Gary Coleman.

Coming Soon: Care Factor

Produced by Josef Brown and Hook Media, Care Factor is a documentary about empathy and compassion. Molly features in this documentary, to be aired in mid 2016 alongside Mark Watt (CEO and Co-Founder White Lion, Dr Liz Walker, CEO RSPCA Victoria, Sally Tonkin, CEO St Kilda Gatehouse and Christopher Hall, CEO Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement. Find out more…


ABC Tasmania

Interview with Sarah Marshman (2015): Listen here.

ABC radio

Interview with Sunil Badami about Dying to Know Day (2014): Listen here.

In search of a Good Death Online interview

Wisdom Grounded in Practice with Professor Emeritus Ian Maddocks AM

Interview by Tony Ryan (2014) from 20:10. Listen here.

Radio National, The Drawing Room with Waleed Aly

Hour interview with Waleed about dying well with Dr Ira Byock (2013). Listen here.

774 Conversation Hour ABC Melbourne

One hour interview with Jon Faine (2011). Listen here.

Deathtalker® 101

A collection of short films about death, grief and end of life care.

Death and Kids

Talking to kids about death is difficult. Find some tips on what to do and what not to do when your kids ask questions.

What the hell is Palliative Care?

People talk about Palliative Care, but what does it really mean? Is there more to helping someone live with an illness when cure is not a realistic option?

The Elephant in the Room

Are you scared of death? Is it the dying bit or the pain that frightens you? Do you ever talk about the stuff that matters in your life?

A Conversation about Grief

How to talk about grief and support family, friends and colleagues. Starting conversations with kids about grief can be difficult – here are some practical tips.