A Speaker with a Difference!

Molly Carlile AM – Deathtalker® is an innovative and inspiring speaker who can tailor a keynote presentation for your conference or organisational event that will challenge and engage your audience.

Molly has been presenting at national and international conferences for the past 20 years on topics as diverse as leadership, emotional intelligence, spirituality, complementary therapies, self care, workforce development, nursing and the arts in health.

Molly regularly presents on all issues relating to death and grief including end of life care, palliative care, creative ageing, advance care planning, grief, funerals (including holistic, green and environmentally sustainable burial and cremation) and memorialisation.

Of course as the Deathtalker®, no matter her topic, Molly manages to interweave themes of death, grief and joyful living into all of her work.


You can book Molly via the ICMI Speakers and Entertainers or the Premier Speakers Bureau.


Molly is committed to active philanthropy and to this end she offers a number of speaking engagements each year at a 50% discount of her normal fee. She does this so that small, ‘cash poor’ not-for-profit organisations are not disadvantaged. Applications for these discounted engagements close every year on January 15th and selection of the recipient organisations are at Molly’s sole discretion. If you want submit an application, complete the form and submit to Molly by January 15th. Successful applicants will be advised by January 31st each year.

Who does Molly talk to?


People like YOU, because death affects all of us.

  • Does death freak you out?
  • Do you ever think about your own death and how it  might look?
  • Do you think about the death of people you care about?
  • Have you made plans to ensure you have choice about where you die and the things that are important to you? Have you told anyone about what a good death looks like to you?
  • Have you thought about a green funeral?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you may not be prepared and your last days could be chaotic and stressful for you and the people you care about. You will also be at risk of well meaning people making decisions on your behalf that are not based on what’s important to you or your family. I can help.

People wanting to do death differently.

Growing numbers of people are looking for different options in how they die, where they die, who supports them and Molly can help you explore some of these issues, including:

  • How to keep someone at home after they have died;
  • How to be involved in the after death care of someone you love (washing their body, dressing them, and preparing them for the next part of their journey);
  • Holistic funerals and how to make sure you get the funeral you want;
  • Shrouded burial and cremation;
  • Green, sustainable funeral practices; and
  • Green burial or cremation.


Health Professionals and Professional Organisations Peak Bodies

Health professionals who work with dying people and their families.

  • When confronted with a patient for whom cure is not an option, do you want to run for the hills?
  • Does it make you feel uncomfortable and ill-prepared when you have to tell someone something they don’t want to hear?

Health Professionals who want to learn about Arts and Health.

Using the Arts to enrich your practice.

  • Has work become all about forms and not about people?
  • Do you want to rediscover a sense of creativity in your work?

Health professionals who are keen to learn self awareness and self care strategies.

  • How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Inspired and eager to get to work OR do you want to pull the doona over your head and stay where you are?
  • Do you cry for no apparent reason?
  • Does your heart thump when you open your inbox?
  • Do you hear yourself snap at colleagues or patients?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to ACT NOW.


People who happen to work with dying or grieving people

No matter what your job is, the more compassionate you are with others, the more fulfilled you become.

Professional people (such as hairdressers, home organisers, lawyers, hospitality workers and bankers), are often exposed to emotional disclosures from clients during the course of their everyday work.

  • If you think about your job, how do you respond when a client tells you something like this? Maybe their partner just died, or their child has been diagnosed with a severe disability , and they start to cry.

Would you like the tools to deal with this situation better? Molly can help.

I have never seen an audience of seasoned bankers literally on the edge of their seats, totally engaged in the conversation for the 90 minutes Molly had with us, she has initiated ongoing conversations among our team.
Tim Bezencon, Group General Manager, Lending Services ANZ
As a hairdresser I’m constantly told personal stories by clients of sadness and trauma. Molly has been a great mentor to me, always with a kind and gentle hand, giving me strategies that help me feel better about any situation and forever inspiring me to take on the next challenge. She has opened my eyes to the reasons why death is not something to be feared.
Ilaina McKenzie, Yorkutz Hairdressing

What can you expect from hearing Molly speak?

• Skills to help you understand and improve your own, and your community’s, death literacy.

• Information about resources and options to assist you when your own coping strategies aren’t working.

• Learn about Advance Care Planning and how you can have conversations with people close to you about what’s important to you.

• How you can become empowered to take back control of your own life and death experiences, and those of your family.

• How to build and mobilise compassionate community networks to support each other.

I have come to know Molly through her professional speaking engagements where she has demonstrated an acute sense and understanding of patient needs together with the appropriate level of care. These fundamental needs and solutions are based on an intimate nursing knowledge and long experience, practical and insightful remedies and the restoration of basic human interaction at times of family crisis, need or death. Molly is an excellent speaker and would enhance any event through her wisdom, understanding and practicality.
John Bullwinkel, National Business Development Executive, Macquarie Private Bank
Molly is a highly energetic, thoughtful, and talented speaker on a variety of topics, especially the provision of opportunities for dialogue about the often avoided topic of death and dying.
Dr. Gary Christensen, Chief Medical Officer at Boynton Health Service Minnesota, U.S.A
Molly Carlile is a very inspirational speaker who has an amazing capacity to engage people from diverse backgrounds, motivate them to think deeply about death and dying and to recognise it as important part of life. She is not only a great key note speaker but also very skilled in facilitating and bringing together diverse views by focusing on what really matters.
Rosemarie Speidel , Active Ageing Advisory Group Member City of Yarra